Pets Park Boarding Kennels & Cattery has been locally owned and operated out of Sancrox for 30+ years. After 4 years with the original owner, Pets Park was managed for 28 years by Terry Flood.  After Terry retired in 2014, the business was taken over by animal lover,  Mark Holmes. 

In the last few year, we has been busy upgrading the business and improving the services offered to the pets. Some of the recent upgrades include:


Booking Software


This makes the management of Pets Park more reliable and simpler, with no chance of double bookings.


Professional Grade Food


The new year has seen Australian Made 'Advance' introduced to the Pets Park kitchen, with a separate formula for puppies, small, medium and large breed dogs and cats. 


Eftpos and Credit Card Facilities


The arrival of Eftpos at Pet Parks makes payment for your pets stay easier for both parties.

To find out information about the services we offer, visit our Pricing & Services page.


"We moved up here in April and had to put Tabatha in the first cattery we could find, but the service was terrible. I left so worried about how Tabatha was going to be treated. Then I found pets park boarding kennels, and have been taking her there ever since. The team are so professional, you can tell your pet means as much to them as it does to you. I can't thank them enough for giving me the freedom to be able to drop Tabatha off knowing she is going to be very well looked after."

- Jenean Hales