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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday:

7am - 11am & 2pm - 5pm


7am - 9 am & 3pm - 5pm

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Wednesday & Public Holidays


Pick Up & Drop Off Hours

Morning pick up before 11 am, you don't pay for the day.

Afternoon pick-up will incur a full day charge.  (Motel Style)

We offer our Pick Up and Drop Off Service between 11am -2 pm hours.

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"I've been taking Boof, Ali and Sasha to Pet Park Boarding Kennels for 2 years now, and I know how well they get looked after. I drop them off whenever I go on holidays and they can't stop wagging their tails and running around, it's like they're having a holiday of their own!" 
- Kylie Roach