Pricing & Services

Pets Park offers boarding services for dogs, cats, rabbits/small mammals and birds, as well as a pickup and drop-off service for your pet. 

Fee's charged per calander day.

Morning pick-up daily rate not charged.

Afternoon pick-up daily rate will be charged, (Motel Style)


Dog Boarding

Pets Park prides itself on its dog boarding kennels, and our facilities allow us to cater for up to 80 dogs. We have 4 different size kennels, including our 'Deluxe Kennel', which we're sure your best friend will love!


Though Pets Park do cater for many dogs, we understand that your pet can become stressed when left alone, so our affectionate, dedicated team make sure all dogs receive paramount individual affection and care.  Frequent exercise and socialising is also essential for a happy and healthy dog, so all our dogs have access to a large, fenced outdoor area.



Cat Boarding


Pricing for our Dog Kennels is based on the size of each dog:

Small - $25.00 per night

Large/Medium - $30 per night

Here at Pets Park we understand that cats don't particularly like leaving the comfort of their house, that's why we take special care with all our furry feline friends to make sure that their experience is a pleasant, calming one. If you bring 2 or more cats from the same family, we are happy to place them together, to help create a more homely feel.


All our cats at Pets Park Cattery receive care and affection, though we know when they need their personal space! 




Pricing for Cat boarding is as follows;

Regular - $22 per night
Deluxe - $27 per night

Bird & Rabbit  Boarding


We are also one of the only Pet Boarding Facilities on the Mid North Coast that can accommodate for your birds and rabbits. 


Bird boarding is $5 per night, and all birds are kept in their own cages (provided by the owner), in one of our deluxe kennels. All cages are cleaned regularly and stocked with water, though food is to be self supplied. 

Rabbit boarding is $10 per night, and all our rabbits stay in our well-kept Cat kennels.


We provide water and basic food for your rabbit, though any fresh fruit or vegetables will have to be self supplied also. 

Optional Extras


Deluxe Kennels

If you're after the biggest and most comfortable space for your Dog or Cat, try one of our Deluxe Kennels. Just add $5 to your pet's size. (Deluxe kennels are subject to availability)



We offer a Hydra Bath services for all our Dogs, which involves a thorough shampoo, wash, dry and brush for

Small dogs Start From $20

Large dogs Start From $30

Medication or Dietary Requirements

If your pet requires medication or has special dietary requirements we are happy to administer this for no extra cost. (these are to be self-supplied) 


Day Care


Great for pet's who like company & socialisation. They can be dropped off in the morning and picked up in the afternoon.  The rate is $18 per day.


Family Days


We also offer our customers the opportunity to take your pet out for the day at no extra charge. This is perfect for families on holidays in Port Macquarie who can't have pets in their accommodation, but don't want them to miss out on the fun!



Pick up and Drop off Services

Pets at Rest Crematorium

As pet owners ourselves, the staff at Pets Park know how devastating losing a pet can be, that's why we provide the utmost respect and professionalism when it comes to our Pets at Rest crematorium service. 


All pets receive an individual cremation, and your pets ashes can be delivered in one of our beautifully crafted urns.


Call or email us for more information on our Pets at Rest service.

Pets Park also provide a convenient pick up and drop off service for all pets.


  • Port Macquarie & Wauchope - $20 each way

  • Bonny Hills & Lake Cathie - $25 each way

  • Camden Haven area - $30 each way



We are able to provide this service between 11am - 2pm, though if you require us to pick up or drop off your pet outside these hours a $20 surcharge applies. 


Boarding Requirements

There are specific requirements that need to be met before we can board your pet.


  • All Dog's need to be fully vaccinated (the minimum is C5)

  • All Cat's need Feline 3 Vaccination.

  • In the Spring & summer months, we require all Dog's and Cat's to have full Flea and Tick protection, as it only takes one flea to cause a problem!

Book Your Pet in Today!

"We take our 3yr old cavalier poodle Ollie there and he forgets who I am as soon as he sees the staff, he loves being there so much! He is exhausted when he comes home because he has been out having too much fun. We do have him out there a lot at the moment and it's really obvious that he enjoys himself & that they take wonderful care of him. " 
- Dawn Green